Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time well spent

Have not writing the blog....but I thought I have to write this down to remind myself. I've been worried about myself lately....not so much about my health but about my IMAN. Usually, I would be so motivated to read the Qura'an and the Zikir every morning and evening. But now, (for the last three weeks) I began to feel "lazy" and complacent. I also felt really angry with myself for not getting up at night to pray Tahajud and Taubah although there are times when I'm awaken by GOD. I have been allowing Syaitan to creep into my mind. I must FIGHT it.

Then when I went to Ustaz's class, I heard him said, Orang yang berakal akan menggunakan masa dalam tiga bahagian:

1. Bermunajat pada Allah SWT
2. Muhasabah diri
3. Berseronok dengan kelazatan dunia jika tidak bertentangan dengan agama.

I told myself, I must start my momentum in accumulating knowledge and applying it sebagai aktiviti "bermunajat pada Allah". Never miss my prayers, read Al quraan and Zikir, doa and fast and pay zakat, bersedekah. Read books that helps in strengthening IMAN, attend classes and lectures, listen to CDs, videos that gives ILMU I need. Teach and tell others about I learn.

There are so many things that need to be done for the preparation to get enhance our lives in this world and to prepare for Akhirat so we will put in Al Jannah and escape the sufferings in the grave and hell.

I also need to improve my Sirraturahim with my family and all ummah. I was reflecting the times when both my parents were alive. Although I love them so much but I did not do much for them. Now I have to DOA for them. Allah, love them as they loved me and always put them among all TAKWA people. Amin.

My kids are now my main concern. I always remind them to pray.....but the peer pressure is so strong. Maybe, this is a test for me for not teaching from the very beginning. May Allah open their hearts, give them HIDAYAH and protect them from all evils. I love them so much.......

I have to be a ggod wife to my husband. Syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu dan suami. My husband, Azam is a good husband who always gives me the best. May Allah bless and guide him always.

Ya ALLAH, perbaikilah agama kami yang menjadi pelindung segala urusan kami, dan perbaikilah dunia kami yang padanya tempat kami menjalani kehidupan kami, dan perbaikilah akhirat kami yang kepadanya tempat kami akan kembali, dan jadikan hidup kami sebagai pertambahan kebaikan bagi kami, dan jadikanlah mati kami sebagai pelepasan bagi kami dari segala kejahatan. Amin Ya Rabbal alamin.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kelas Tajwid

Every tuesday and thursday morning; 930 to 1130, I attend Tajwid class at Surau Casmaria with 15 other ladies led by Pn Nurida Isa. Alhamdulilah, we started the class in January and so far, all of us showed tremendous improvement in our Quran reading.

It was announced today that we are shifting the Thursday class to Friday at the Reading centre. That's ok. As long as we continue to attend the classes. It is so important to attend such classes. As Ustaz Dr Abdullah said, our responsibility towards the Qura'an is to have faith in it because it is Kalam Allah, read it, understand what we read, "amal" what is being taught in the Qura'an and teach others about the Qura'an.

As for Tajwid, it helps us to read the Qura'an properly, minimize the mistakes and read it beautifully. If we read the Qura'an wrongly, we might change the meaning and thus, we have created dosa for ourselves without realizing it.

Wow, its amazing what knowing Tajwid had done to improve my reading. I still have alot of room for improvement but my goal is to master the Qura'an as it is the guide of my life. Tafsir is equally important....I'll write about it later.

Before this, I did not know about all the laws in Tajwid like Idgham, Izhar, Ihfaq, Iqlab, etc. Now I can at least identify all the laws when reading the Qura'an. It is quite an achievement. Subhannallah, I am so grateful that I am given the opportunity by Allah to learn Tajwid.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Today, all my kids have exams. What's their attitude towards exams, "relaxlah Mak". Aizuddin, at least, is surrounded with friends who studying. The SPM fever is in the air. I believe he is responsible enough to know how important it is to commit to his studies.

Aizat, has improved in his attitude and behaviour. He is still into games and guitar; thats ok with me as long as he has improved. Just need to remind him about praying.

Adib, is alittle more discipline. His passion for nasyid and volleyball has distracted him abit from his studies. I think now, he is feeling the fever. He respect his teacher, Sir Yazid; to me, thats great. At least he has a good role model.

Mimi, my only girl, who is more interested in make up and collecting accessories ( or rather junk) and who makes the mess of the house with her things lying around all over the place. she has improved in her reading but needs alot more coaching and extra TLC!

Due to our knowledge on Financial Intelligence, we do not pressure the kids so much but rather we want them to enjoy and learn from the process. I always pray that they are anak-anak soleh dan solehah and will remember and be close to Allah. Their prayers are one of the things that can help me and Azam in akhirat.

Thank you, Allah for giving me these wonderful kids.

The power of gratitude

Alhamdulilah. I am grateful to Allah subhana wataalaa for giving me this life. I have been delaying to write this blog but today, I've made a decision to start it.

First of all, let me start by expressing my gratitude.

I have wonderful parents who had given the love, guidance and the values that I hold on strongly until today. My beautiful Mother, Allahyarhamah Siti Mahani Ahmad passed away on 8 July 1986 and my beloved Father, Allahyarham Haji Mohamed Hj Ali passed away on 1 March 2003. May Allah love them as they had loved me and may Allah bless their souls and placed them in Jannah. Amin Ya rabbal Alamin.

I have a very close knitted family comprising of 2 brothers and 5 sisters. I am the youngest in the family. I am the "pampered" one and i know, until today, that I am being loved and cared by all of my siblings. I know I can always depend and rely on each and everyone of them.

I am so grateful and blessed to have a husband, Azam who is a responsible, understanding and dependable person. He is a great father to our children and an excellent role model to my boys because of how he treats his mother and me. I know he loves me unconditionally inspite of all the weaknesses that I have.

My children - 4 healthy, active and talented kids....Aizuddin, Aizat, Adib and Mimi; they are the sunshine of my life. They gave me strength and will power to go through the challenges. My hopes and dreams for them is that they will successful both in life and the after world and will pursue their passion and become someone of significance.

I am so fortunate to have a wonderful Mother in law, Hjh Maimunah who to me, is a symbol of strength and determination. All my in laws are also people with great values and I respect everyone of them.

Lastly, I am so ever grateful for the friends I have-------so many names to mention but I will definitely write about them; every single one who have touched my lives in one way or another.

When I feel grateful, I feel happy and peaceful. More important, it strengthen my faith. Isn't it a great way to start the day or start your blog? Always be grateful for every single thing that Allah has given you...even the challenges, the tests and the pain are blessings.
Alhamdulilah, thank you, Allah for everything that you have given me.